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There’s a gross misconceptions in the general public regarding transportation with moving companies. Everyone seems to think that it an exhausting process, which totally abolishes your sanity for some time. But that’s not quite true. It can be a torturous period if you don’t act smart, but it can also be a comfortable transition if you can find and hire the right movers in Okanagan, BC.

You need to hire one of the finest moving companies in Okanagan and relieve yourself of all the stress. Packrat Movers have all the resources to get you settled in no time. We have an invaluable experience of helping people move to and from Okanagan and have a long list of happy clients.

We have been one of the most reliable Okanagan, BC movers in the past few years, offering speedy service along with a very high standard of professionalism. If you require us at a quick notice, we’ll be there, if you require to plan your move well ahead of time, we’ll create a plan in advance and act right on time every step of the way.

There is absolutely no way that you can afford to lose your hard earned and emotionally attached belongings during transportation. That is why we take every care to ensure that the speed of service doesn’t come at a cost of safety. Being one of the most reputable Okanagan movers, your item’s safety is our primary concern and proper training is given to the staff to keep the items safe and secure during the transportation.

We pride ourselves on being a full-service packing and moving unit, meaning you will not have to worry about packing any of the stuff either. All of the items will be packed and loaded by our specialist employees who are well trained in the process. We’ll pack all the material with proper padding in order to avoid any damage to the valuables. If there is a need to store any or all of the stuff, we’ll do that as well, helping you settle into your new home or office, while we keep your assets secure in our storage units.

And all of this comes at very affordable prices. You will have a very clear idea of what the transportation will cost, and we give every client a proper time and cost estimation during our visit. Call us today to get a free quote for your move.

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