Moving Rates

2 Movers & Moving Truck - $109 + Tax

Shrink Wrap, Blankets and Tape Included

Ideal for apartments or smaller households. Two professional movers will show up at your designated location to start your move. They will bring shrink wrap, blankets, and tape to ensure that all your belongings are protected from harm and arrive at the new destination in the best possible condition. Once all your items are packed up and placed on the truck, we will deliver them to the location you have designated. Upon arriving, we will unload the truck, unpack your belongings, and place them according to your specifications. We offer the best moving rates Kelowna has to offer!

3 Movers & Moving Truck - $150 + Tax

Shrink Wrap, Blankets and Tape Included

Ideal for medium to large households or commercial moving needs. Three from our professional moving team will arrive at your home or business and plan out your move. We will have moving supplies available to ensure that all belongings, equipment, and furniture are protected from damage and harm as they are transported to your new location. Once we arrive at the new destination, we will unpack your items, and place them in the appropriate rooms or locations under your direction. We also take remover any leftover packing materials so you can enjoy your new location without trash or clutter!

Tow & Stow - $300 + Tax

Shrink Wrap, Blankets and Tape Included

Want to pack up your own items without having to worry about moving it? Packrat Movers offers a tow and stow option where we drop off a 20-foot trailer at the location you’re moving from that you can fill up with your belongings on your schedule. Equipment and blankets are included. Once you’ve loaded it up, just let us know, and we’ll come pick it up and deliver it to your new location. You can unload it whenever you’re ready, and then we’ll pick up the trailer once you’re done. It’s that simple. At Packrat Movers, we provide our customers with the most competitive moving rates Kelowna has to offer!

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