Vancouver is a tough place to afford a home in, and if you can manage it, there are countless other issues still left to take care of; one of those being the moving process. A typical household has too much stuff to shift to the new place to do it all in peace. But it’s not impossible to go through this process without any hassle. We are a company of qualified BC and Alberta movers, and specialize in transporting your stuff safely and swiftly to and from these states.

We pride on being the most professional company in the business in the area. While dealing with us, you are certain to get:

  • Quick Response – Give us a call, and we’ll pay you a visit to understand the job and give a time and cost estimation.
  • Highly qualified staff – All of our staff have special training to keep the whole process easy and quick for you.
  • Capable machinery for transportation – Special vehicles capable of transporting light and heavy shipments over long distances.
  • Client friendly attitude – During our interactions, you’ll be dealing with a highly pleasant and helpful team.

Whether you are moving home or business to BC or Alberta, you can trust us to provide quality services and take care of all of your sensitive stuff. There’s absolutely no chance of your stuff getting damaged during the process. All of our employees are specially trained to ensure maximum safety and a smooth transportation for your luggage.

First of all, you don’t need to bother about the packing of the stuff. Our trained professionals will take care of all this and pack all the items ourselves, following our special techniques and with special emphasis on the safety of the items. When all the stuff is ready to be moved, we’ll get it loaded into one of our carrying vehicles, all of which are specially prepared for carrying all kinds of materials safely through long distances. We have very quick transportation times, owing to our modern machinery and expertise.

Sometimes, when shifting places, one might not have a place to keep the entire luggage, or it might not be ready yet. We also assist our clients in such a situation. We’ll safely store the materials in one of our storage facilities until the time you are ready.

At Packrat Movers, we value our client’s time and know that your business may suffer in case of any delays, that’s why we take special care for such deliveries and always take the time to understand the complications associated with the delivery. You can be sure that whatever distance of the transportation, your deliveries will always be on time and your business will not suffer.

So the next time you need to move your stuff, allow us to serve you and give you the most complete experience of all B.C. and Alberta movers.

Are you ready to move?

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