Introducing Packrat Movers to Penticton

If you live in Penticton, you have a reason to be happy today. We, Packrat Movers, are extending our services to your city. You must have frowned upon the lack of moving companies in Penticton whenever you have had to make a move, especially the lack of quality service providers. We wish to change that. In our experience of serving a number of Canadian cities and helping people move homes, we have found that finding a reliable moving company is a big headache for people.

If a move is not facilitated properly, it can spoil much more than just your time. If you are moving your office to a new location, you may lose out on some vital business in case of any delay in moving your work equipment. Losing any of your valued possessions can lead to even more trouble and lost income. There needs to be a company that can offer both safety and speed in equal measure, and at affordable costs. We are that company.

From the very start of your interaction with us, we are always very open, transparent, and co-operating with you. You’ll be given a price estimate of your move after analyzing the requirements, and an estimated time required for the transporting as well. You can pre-book your move as early as a month to secure the time-slot that you want and avoid any confusion.

You do not have to worry about packing your items either. Our team is adept at packing all kinds of stuff safely and securely. All of the items will be packed with proper coating to ensure maximum safety. We have state of the art vehicles that offer great speed and safe passage for your items. They can carry a heavy load of stuff and do it at excellent speeds as well.

We are full-service Penticton movers, meaning we provide full packing, moving and storage services. If you are not ready to yet keep all the luggage in your new place, we can keep it safe for you. We have our own storage facilities in Penticton where we can store your items safely. You can keep it with us worry-free for as long as you do not have a place ready to keep the stuff. All of this will be done with industry-best standards of efficiency, and you’ll happily hire us if you ever make a move again.

Are you ready to move?

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