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Moving has never been considered a fun and enjoyable activity, but in recent years, it has become a frightening prospect for people looking to move in the near future. But with proper planning and smart decisions, you can make sure your move goes smooth as butter and just as planned. PackRat Movers are one of the most trusted Lake country, BC movers for the last decade. We have managed to satisfy our clients move after move and many of our clients have come back to us for their future moves as well.

All of our success has only amplified our hunger and desire to provide the best possible solutions. Not only do we do a great job of moving your stuff, but we do it all with a smile on our faces – and yours. The company was founded with the vision to help local people when shifting homes and we have kept our promise by assisting in countless successful moves in the area, and in the whole state.

When a potential client contacts us for a move, we do not go all out to try and convince them to hire us, but we look at every aspect of the task and inspect every facet before analyzing it and then give an estimate of the cost and time required for the job. Every single details of the payments is discussed in details and you are given a precise idea of what you will have to pay for our services. And it is very affordable too. Our prices for the whole process of packing, moving, and even moving are very competitive, and you are never charged more than what’s fair If there’s anything unrealistic in the client’s plans, we’ll let you know straight up, rather than giving you false hopes and just hoping to pull through impossible feats. We believe there’s no point in lying to our clients and that’s how we have earned the trust of the city.

Coming to the services, we are a full-service company, offering full moving, packing, storage services. Our commitment and responsibility starts when you have to pack the items, and ends when everything is unloaded and placed safely into your new place. The packaging we provide is of the highest standard and reliable quality. It is meant to stand any bumps on the road during the transportation. The items will be placed inside strong and flexible boxes and provided strong padding on all sides. The professionals have the skill and the experience to handle fragile and delicate stuff with optimum care, meaning your belongings are always completely safe.

The quality of our moving trucks is also of the highest level, and the delivery time is significantly improved due to the impressive efficiency of the machinery. All the vehicles comply with the safety guidelines and instill confidence in the client.

The time estimations we offer to our clients for the delivery are usually very accurate and every single delivery is made on the pre-agreed time. If this level of performance is what you want for your move, give us a call, or drop us your email. We’ll contact you to discuss the possibilities and give you a quote.

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